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A real life roleplay forum based around a reality show in South View, Fl.
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 Calling All Hearts

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angela mia harris


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PostSubject: Calling All Hearts   Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:19 pm



This girl is not your average hood chick. She has goals and aspirations. Even if her mom is a drug addict and her dad is a pimp. She is not going to become a product of her environment, like her older sister. She is a sensible girl who loves to have a good time. She does not smoke but she will have a drink every now and then.

She decided she wanted to sing because that was what she was good at. So she met up with some old high school buddies and they started cutting a demo in a run down studio that belonged to one of her friends' uncle. She was soon discovered by a big record label. She is now one of the top r&b artists out there. Her sound is similar to Mary J. Blige.

Since she is an international artist, she could use a close friend to go on the road with her. Someone she could have a good time with and confide in. She does not need someone who is going to leak her personal business out to the media.

These are the people who just doesn't like her or know her. She is a star so I'm pretty sure she has some haters.

She is currently single but is not opposed to relationships. She just needs someone who is going to love her for her and not her money or fame. One night stands and fwbs are fine as long as she consent to them. So plot up my lovely here, ya'll.
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Calling All Hearts
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