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A real life roleplay forum based around a reality show in South View, Fl.
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 The Bylaws of South View

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PostSubject: The Bylaws of South View   Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:09 pm

The first thing you need to know here, and that you need to keep in mind, is RESPECT. I don't really care if you don't find it all that relevant, but here it needs to be upheld. And, just taking an errant guess here, but I think I have good reason to guess that you like to be treated nicely and not have people mouth off to you. No one wants to hear your smart mouth if one little thing doesn't go your way. Besides, there are always ways to fix this kind of stuff.

Like, per say, talk it out or go to a staff member?

What do you think we're here for? The staff if here to make sure that things run smoothly and that there are no problems. If you have complaints about something, then tell someone instead of taking matters into your own hands and making someone else miserable for your irritation with whatever it is that's bothering you.

Anyways, the second thing you need to know here is VARIETY. We all know how fun it is to play this shiz or be this gender, but come on. It's not fun if there are 50 girls running around and then one poor, lonesome guy that happens to be taken (as if that would be avoidable). Wouldn't you feel bad for the lonely fellow? So, the one thing you need to get into your head is that you need to make a guy or girl - depending on which gender you major in - for every 1 or 2 characters you make.

If you make 2 girls, then the next character you need to make is a guy. Need help with a play-by or a name or etc.? Just ask someone then, they can help you make a character. And let's not forget the couple planning if you're up for it. Don't be shy if you need help with a character that you need to make.

And a note, if a staff member catches you with 3 girls/guys and not one character of the opposite gender, then you'll be in trouble. Either you'll have to delete a character, or you will have to start making only the other gender for the next few characters.

Unless, of course, you have an 'okay' from a staff member.

One other thing though that I almost forgot to mention. You can't make your character(s) all perfect and crap. I mean, get real. Do you really expect anyone to be like that in real life? There has to be one quirk or screw up with everyone. Don't forget that.

The third thing you need to know is LENGTH. I know that it's just oh so easy to write one sentence and be done with it, but that's no fun, now is it?

I'm really sorry if you're not the best roleplayer and can't just come up with something out of nowhere, but you at least need to try to write something of reasonable length. But you can't really get something good back if you don't try to put something good in.

The main thing that's trying to be explained here is that you at least need to try and put enough; maybe somewhere around 3 sentences at the least? Or 2, if you can really make something great with that. Though, I doubt you can. But you need to at least make the reply worth it. And have you noticed something? This board isn't gigantor and it's pretty easy to type something up that looks like it's reasonable length! So, it shouldn't seem to hard too get something written that looks good enough for you to okay it. Smile

Another thing you need to know - the fourth thing - is SIZE. This applies to graphics, so if you have someone make you a siggy (signature) or you're a graphic wizard/amateur yourself, you might want to pay close attention to this.

Here, you need to keep in mind that it gets really frustrating when someone has a graphic that is larger than life and stretches the board. It's pretty annoying, if you ask me, so I please ask you that you keep it around 500x200. It's a reasonable size, and you can still work wonders with that much room. Now, I'm not saying that 500x200 is the largest you can have, but I'm just setting that as a guideline for future reference of graphics.

Finally, the fifth thing you need to keep in mind is FUN.

Why do you think people roleplay like this? It's for fun!!! So, don't be so stressed about everything and just let your creativity flow. You get to take a break from real life - which, honestly, just screws us over everyday - and get to be someone else! You can be yourself as a character, or completely different.

You get to look different, you get to be different. Here, you have a different identity and aren't who everyone you know sees.

Inside, everyone has their secrets. Heck, sometimes you don't even know who your true self is and neither does anyone else. Here, you can make a better reputation than you have in real life if you have a bad one or actually make one if you don't have one at all in real life. With every single one of your characters, you have a little bit of yourself in them; regardless of what you think, you do. And you can express yourself in any way here.

You can just relax, and goof off or be serious. You can hold your characters back or let them flourish. You can make them hate (dislike heartily) or make them love.

Don't let life drag you behind; here...just let your dreams and ideas come out.

Thanks for reading these rules and I hope that you abide by (or follow) them. It'd be a shame if you didn't, because they really mean a lot to me. And a happy admin is a happy site!

But really, follow them because it's really annoying when people just do whatever the hell they want because they feel like it. It pisses people off, ya know. Like, you know, *ehem* ME. It's kinda crappy when the site goes haywire because there are no rules, no boundaries, and no authority.

Anyways, just be nice and shine in a new light. And everything'll be fine. Smile

this set of rules was made by OMG! TORALEE sees a BIRDIE of Caution 2.0. please don't steal, it's not very nice Sad
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The Bylaws of South View
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